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" It’s Hump Bush Day!" No KY Jelly or condoms allowed!   Sorry folks because of the open to public designation of this space, the lower part of this vintage photo has been deleted to keep within MSN Spaces guidelines. Let your imagination do the … Continue reading

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Bush and Immigration

  Our President in his speech yesterday to unite Republicans behind an overhaul of the immigration laws was seriously flawed. Flaw number one: He stated that we need to choke off the flow of illegal immigrants to the United States … Continue reading

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Grateful Monday….

 Haven’t written about the Grateful Dead lately, they are currently running the Grateful Dead Movie on PBS during the Phall phund raising drives.  If you have never seen the movie it is classic Grateful Dead at the closing of the … Continue reading

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Screw Around Saturday

PreXmas Phun (click above)   Now that we got the first of the three year end holidays over and I don’t have to decorate for Christmas until sometime next month, I am screwing around and trying some new ideas with … Continue reading

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Advice for the Lovelorn…

" Are you ready for some love advice…." That’s right ladies, Your’s Truly is now the male side of the "MSN Space We Are Women "  He Said/She Said Love Advice Column. Click yourself on over and check it out, it’s … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

  Thanksgiving is the one of the only American holidays that still falls on the original day that President Abraham Lincoln chose for it.  The last Thurday in November.  The Fourth of July and Christmas are the only other holidays that is still … Continue reading

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Busy Day

 I am extremely busy today and will return tomorrow. Luv ya, Wayward Bill

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