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National Methamphetamine Awareness Day

 In 1968 like today there was a problem with the meth class drugs or speed.  As a public courtesy announcement the various underground radio stations had commercials that warned about the use of methamphetamine and other speeds.  Frank Zappa did … Continue reading

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Nuts & Soup

Urgent Update!!! November 29th   I just spent most of the morning downloading songs for when I go back online with my media player.  I got the opportunity for as many downloads "FREE" repeat "FREE" as I can download until the … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts…for a Friday…

Yepper, Another turkey day has done trotted on into the past.  I personally went to my friends Alessandro & Effie’s house.  It was the usual foodwise, but this couple are the artsy types and don’t have any furniture to speak … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Wayward Bill, Thanksgiving season is a time of rejoicing and renewal.  And for individuals and churches involved with Bread for the World, it’s also an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to our mission of seeking justice for hungry people. We … Continue reading

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  I haven’t made any plans for Thanksgiving this year.  I will get a food basket courtesy of Veterans Affairs but I just can’t picture running turkey meat through a blender just so I can properly digest it being I … Continue reading

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I Actually Missed MSN Spaces….

Everyone should take a few weeks off from MSN Spaces.  The reprieve from the day to day blog is really refreshing.  I highly recommend it.   Thanksgiving is coming up.  Although I had a white Anglo-Saxon upbringing and it was … Continue reading

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Feelin’ Alright…..

    The ‘L I T T L E‘ Things .         As you might know, the head of a company survived        9/11 because his son started kindergarten.         Another fellow was alive because … Continue reading

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