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Congrats To Dev!!!!

Hack MSN Spaces Lands The Big One   ­­Hack MSN Spaces HMS featured on ‘Space of the week’ Posted: 23 Jan 2007 03:11 PM CST Hi all, I just got an email telling me that I am being featured on reading

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State Of Confusion

Tonight is the State of the Union address.  It will be one of the last two to be delivered by our Commander in Chief. How he is going to side step the Iraq and Afghanistan issues and keep focused on … Continue reading

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Wild White West

Yes, Once again Colorado is being El Ninoed with a another blanket of snow. It is/has been white here 1 month to the day. The longest it has been on the ground in the thirty years I have lived here. … Continue reading

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100 Hours

Hooray! The new 110th House of Representatives has delivered as promised. All 8 of the bills that the new Democratic House have passed. Time will tell whether they will make the mustard with the Senate and White House. My favorite … Continue reading

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Boy Oh Boy Do I Have Friends…..

When I started Deadheads United, blogs were just an up and coming fad.  That fad has taken over.  There is a hardly a computer savvy individual that isn’t running a site out of all the ones that are available (MSN … Continue reading

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Racism USA 1960s Reflection & Marade

I am bringing back something I wrote in August 2005 concerning growing up in the sixties and dealing with the times and the matters of racism, I enjoyed sharing this then and hope that you gain some enlightenment on this critical … Continue reading

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Marade~Martin Luther King Day

  Martin Luther King January 15th, 1929 ~  April 4th, 1968     Yes, it was freezing this morning for the gathering of the marchers for the Martin Luther King Day parade (Marade). My tailbone and toe-tips are very unhappy … Continue reading

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