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To The Troops!!!!

Hey Now Kidz,   (Remember Me!)   Happy Hump-day!!   I would like to take this beautiful blustery Colorado day and devote  it to our men & women in our armed forces. Hands down they are the best in the world.  … Continue reading

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Go Go Google….

Good Morning Kidz,   Today is a VA Hospital day for me so I am probably going to keep this briefer than normal.   I average about 300 hits a week.  You would never know it by the amount of … Continue reading

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Hippie or Hippy

Hey Now Kidz,   "Hippy" or "Hippie?   I just clicked my spell check and hippy was not an option.   Misspelled or matter of choice.   Let’s look to the etymology of the words.   Hippie was first used … Continue reading

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Understanding Grateful Dead Lyrics 101

    It’s a Grateful day here in Colorado,   I was at a new space today because I was intrigued by the fact the woman was from Egypt.  It just happened that I had the pleasure of seeing the … Continue reading

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Mumbo Jumbo, Mumbo, Jumbo Mumbo Jumbo!!!!

Hey Now from the Mile High City,   Once again Mr. Bush is relying on tainted intelligence or he is perpetuating the big lie into a bigger lie.  You be the judge and jury.   In his new conference yesterday … Continue reading

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Everyone’s Irish

 (Click Me I am Irish)    Top o’ day to ye! I wish a great day to ye on the universal day when we are all Irish. Try not to indulge yourself too much.  Hoist one to me and I … Continue reading

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The Ides of March

 Well Kidz,   It is the Ides of March!   "Beware of the Ides of March!!"     Julius Ceasar would have continued ruling if he had listened to the soothsayer, in Act I of Shakespere’s play, "Julius Ceasar."   The … Continue reading

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