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In Hallowed Halls & Ground….

         Hands Across the Water Hands Across The Sea                                     And Now A Few Words From Our Alternate Memorial Day Sponsor     … Continue reading

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Trippin’ The Life Fantastic

how hippie r u? hippies all the way!Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code   Yes my friends it’s anudder day of playing space tag.  As I pass through here on … Continue reading

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Sharing the Love Champaign Redux

Happy Hump Day I’ve been out and about spaces trying to get my event noticed. It’s off to a better start than when I tried earlier this month. If I could only get people’s spaces to quit crashing making start … Continue reading

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Hey Now Kidz,   TGIF!!!!   I am going to write to all the people on my friends list.  I don’t know why they want to be your friend when they never reply to comments left on their space.  It’s … Continue reading

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Should I Stay Or Should I Go…..

I’m back Kidz,   It’s almost a shame than when I take a few days off from spaces that I return to hardly any comments.  It’s just like the title to the Clash song that is also featured with todays … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope that you took the effort to honor your Mother today. I am remotely blogging via cell phone. So I’ll be keeping this short. There a new documentary called, "Hippies" on the Discovery Channel @ 8pm … Continue reading

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Sharing The Love Campaign

  "Sharing the Love Campaign! "   Update During the May 1st and running until May 31st I am hosting my first event. It is in honor of the Fortieth Anniversary of "The Summer of Love!" 1967-2007   During the days of May I … Continue reading

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