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Alternative Valentine Gifts

Yowser Yowser Kidz,   Today I thought I would have some phun with the alternative in the way of Valentine’s Day gifts, today the ladies, tomorrow the guys!   Oxfam America Unwrapped offers gifts in the name of a cause.  Everything … Continue reading

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Live From My New CPU.

 Hey Now Kidz,   I’ve hooked up my new Dell Inspiron 530s CPu and this is the first blog using it via MSN Writer Beta.  I have spent most of the morning uploading Mcafee security, MSN Messenger, Personal settings, toolbar … Continue reading

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Sundae Phunnys

Whoo-hoo Kidz,   I am sitting here waiting for the next hour before I can go out and enjoy the beautiful day that has been bestowed us today in Denver, Colorado!   Currently 62°F.  Wall to Wall Carpet of Blue! … Continue reading

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A Happy Day for Deadheads United…

  Hey Now Kidz  One of the things I did during my all nighter the other day was to put together a loan proposal to my Mother.  It was for the purchase of a brand spanking new CPU from Dell. She accepted … Continue reading

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Two Brain Cells On A Mission….

My spy boy saw you spy boy sittin by the bi-yoMy spy boy told your spy boy, Im gonna set you flag on fi-yo.I said, hey now, hey now,Aiko aiko all day, jockomo feeno na na nay, jockomo feena nay.  … Continue reading

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I Smell Impeachment Spirit…..

Hello Kidz, Yesterday there was a joint journalistic report issued concerning the number of lies told by the Bush administration between 9/11 and our entry into the Iraq. (Read Me!) "935 Falsities or Lies" It’s no wonder that politicians and … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Day….

What if Martin Luther King Jr., had lived???                     Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ~January 15, 1929 ~ April 4, 1968~     The what if factor has never held much water with me in any circumstance.    Dr.Martin Luther … Continue reading

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