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Nothing In Particular

Hey Now,   Well Obama says that it’s okay if Clinton stays in the fray for the Democratic Presidential nomination. That’s mighty red, white, and blue of him.  Gotcha, I didn’t pull the race card!    McCain is still McCain. … Continue reading

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 Phriday Phreeky Phun Phest   Sumthin Knu!   Once a week I will be featuring videos of legendary bands of the 1960s and 1970s.  I mean like, "Pharm Out! Right Arm! All muzak to the peeple!   Wayward Bill     … Continue reading

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Busted A Move…..

  Hey Now Friends,   I am having a Mental) S(tress) Network) day.  The save draft and publish options were giving the "Unable to save draft/publish, please try again later or words to that effect were like that for more hours … Continue reading

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Hey Now, Wow, how about last week.  Three calender events in 7 days.  St.  Patrick’s Day, the vernal equinox, and Easter.   In the spirit of the Easter season I will be maintaining my motif through Passover and the Ascension of … Continue reading

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He Is Risen! Celebrate Life! Have A Happy Easter! Reaffirm Your Faith In Christ! He Died So We May Live, Wayward Bill (ps; Take a moment for reflection or prayer before you comment.  Listen for that still silent voice!)   

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Jesus, LSD, & Jerry

Hey Now,   I hope that you like my Easter theme!   It’s LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) Artwork or Blotter Paper of Jesus Christ , John the Baptist , & Buddha !  These are pictures of actual LSD.   Being involved in and … Continue reading

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All Phun No Blog Day…..

Hey Now,   Finally proof that there are no   "Weapons of Mass Destruction"   In Iraq!   We didn’t need a war or intelligence agencies, all we had to do was click!   Spring has Sprung or if your South … Continue reading

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