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Denver 420 Rally

Hey Now Kidz,   Well I combined my birthday with business.   Since I am the personal assistant to the organizer for the Denver 420 Rally, him and I went to check out a club where we are going to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Me…..


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Burger King Exposed Video

  Hey Now,   Once again my community, Denver, Colorado is thrust into the world spotlight thanks to President Barack Obama.   I don’t know if you watched the signing of the "Economic Stimulus Package" but there was sure a lot of … Continue reading

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For The Children….The Penguin Party

  Hey Now Everyone,   I normally don’t promote anything for sale on this space.   Today is an exception.   Effie Harltey is a personal friend of mine.  She resides in Florida and is very fond of animals.  4 … Continue reading

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S.A.F.E.R. ~ Michael Phelps ~ Marijuana ~ I Shot The Sheriff, You Can Too…!!!

   Hey Now Kidz,   So you probably been wondering where I’ve been of late.   First I overshot my 5Gigabyte broadband modem by an additional 5G.  My phone bill for the month is $321USD. Whoa Nelly hand up the phone … Continue reading

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Marijuana Policy Project Alert ~ Michael Phelps Endorsement & Kellogg’s

Hey Now Kidz,   I have never been a big Kellogg’s products fan but nothing like a good boycott in the name of marijuana and corporate hypocricy.   Join the "Tea" party already in progress….!!!!   Pot is a three … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day On Friday the Thirteenth From The Dead (The Grateful Dead) ~ 3 More Shows Added To Spring Tour 2009

Hey Now Heads….   Click Me, Click Me, Why Don’t You Pinch Me!   Three more shows have been added to the already phat Spring Tour 2009…   Chicago Shoreline The Gorge, Washington  You haven’t clicked the click me line … Continue reading

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