Beat News You Can Use – "The Great Sex Issue…"

1). The Beats Turn America on to Sex – again!
2). Update on “Howl” – The Movie
3). A Kerouac Center for Jack’s Hometown?
4). "A Night at The Museum"
5). The Beat Museum – Kind of Obsessive?

Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex!

That’s all people want to talk about these days. Ever since we posted our update to "On The Road-The Movie" featuring Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, Kirsten Dunst and Kristen Stewart, we have been besieged by nothing but sex questions!

If you have not yet read our little piece about "On The Road-The Movie" from the last newsletter, here’s a link:

And as for the sex questions – God, where to start? Every day it’s a constant stream of visitors walking in the door and emails in the inbox. And now, because of this movie, it’s a whole new generation of young people asking about the counterculture that turned America on to sex.

"Ginsberg was gay, right?
"Why did Burroughs kill his wife? Was it because he was homosexual?"
"Who wrote ‘To Fuck with Love’? Was it Lenore Kandel?"
Pointing to Carolyn Cassady’s famous photo of Jack & Neal arm in arm: "Were they lovers?"
"I hear K-Stew (Kristen Stewart) is pregnant, is it Garrett’s love child?"

And then there’s my favorite:
"If Garrett had to choose between Kirsten Dunst and Kristen Stewart, who do you think he would choose?" Good Lord! Why make the poor boy choose? Reminds me of my favorite line from Gregory Corso, "Whenever you have to choose between one thing and another, take both!"

But the best insight comes from a good friend who shall remain nameless who once told me, "You know the entire Beat Generation revolves around Carolyn and Neal’s bedroom." "What do you mean?" I asked. "Think about it," he said. "Jack was in that bed with Carolyn. Neal was in that bed with Allen. And then there’s Burroughs adventures and DiPrima’s "Memoirs of a Beatnik" and Allen’s quest to find someone he had slept with who had slept with someone who had slept with Walt Whitman (and he finally found him, too!). It’s all one big incestuous soup and therein lies the intrigue for most people."

And I realized my friend was right. It’s the eternal question, the age old question of who’s sleeping with whom. And why. And what are we all going to do about it.

And then there’s the money?

"How can they make it on only $25 million?"
"I heard they lost their funding five years ago? What happened to it?"
"Kristen Stewart is only getting $100,000 for this movie?"

And another one of my favorites:
"I hear Kerouac’s "On The Road" scroll is worth $8 million. Why don’t you have it at The Beat Museum?"

Here’s a link to an article about the movie in a Buenos Aires newspaper by Nicolas Meyer who recently visited The Beat Museum.

Here’s a link to a one minute MTV video clip of Garrett Hedlund talking about "K-Stew" and his excitement about making "On The Road".

And in late BREAKING NEWS MTV has run an article that Old Bull Lee will be played by Viggo Mortensen. Fucking Aragorn from Lord of The Rings is gonna be William S. Burroughs!

Howl – The Movie starring James Franco as Allen Ginsberg and Jon Hamm (Mad Men’s Don Draper) as ACLU Lawyer Jake Ehrlich premiered earlier this year at Sundance. There was also a single showing here in SF in January and we were fortunate enough to attend. Franco was pretty terrific as Ginsberg! He looked just like Allen at thirty years old and his mannerisms and speech patterns were fantastic. I didn’t meet Allen until he was well into his fifties, but Franco portrayed him exactly as I would have imagined Allen in his thirties.

The film was picked up out of Sundance by a major distribution company and is slated for wide release in various cities across the US starting in late September/early October. Click here to see the listing of scheduled theaters/cities so you can be sure to see it when it’s released:

I got the call a month ago as I was busily running around the museum. A guy I’d met here at The Museum, a reporter from Lowell, was calling to tell me of news about a grant that had been recently awarded in Kerouac’s hometown that might wind up leading to a $10 million dollar Kerouac Center in Lowell. We chatted about it for five minutes or so – little did I know I was being interviewed for a newspaper article! He probably mentioned it, maybe I forgot. Next thing I know I’m getting a Google Alert that my name is in a newspaper article! Lesson learned: The mike is always hot!

It’s a pretty great possibility. Remodeling a long abandoned 23,000 square foot building right across the street from the Lowell Public Library Jack used to go to every day when he was a kid. And they’re going to use the success of The Beat Museum in San Francisco as a reason as to why it will fly in Lowell!

(Note to San Francisco’s City Fathers: Float us $10,000,000 and we’ll build you a Beat Museum like you won’t believe!)

Click here to read about what’s going on in Lowell:

Click here to see Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Schedule for October:

Speaking as we were of sex and money, a good friend of mine, Steve Schwarz, has just completed his second novel. You may recall we hosted a book signing for Steve last year when his first novel, BOULEVARD, was released. His upcoming novel is called BEAT, and it takes place right here in North Beach. Steve brings his sex addicted LAPD homicide detective Hayden Glass into the bowels of San Francisco on a quest to save the girl from Russian sex slavers and winds up getting involved in the money corruption of the city.

From Washington Square Park to the Trieste to Tosca to the strip clubs of Broadway, Steve’s characters come to life on the streets of North Beach. The story is fiction, of course, but you’ll recognize plenty of fact as Steve paints his story on to the streets we love and the places we hang. You might even recognize the quirks of our neighborhood and some of the local people who walk our streets.

Steve’s a real Kerouac fanatic and he just posted a piece at a writer’s blog he writes for once a week about a night he recently spent in the Museum – The Beat Museum. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it.

Steve’s first novel, BOULEVARD, has just come out in paperback. It’s centered in LA and it has some of the same characters in it as his upcoming BEAT. We have BOULEVARD in stock now so you can read it to get the full back story of the protagonist Hayden Glass. You’re going to want to have that for when BEAT comes out in October.

We’ll be hosting Steve for the release of BEAT here at The Beat Museum on Wednesday, October 13th at 7:00 pm. Mark the date

So, a SF Examiner newspaper article hit here in San Francisco last week about our latest exhibition, “On The Road Around The World”. It’s got a dozen great photos of the museum and our newest exhibition showcasing Germany’s Horst Spandler’s collection of copies of ON THE ROAD from around the world. In the article the writer makes light of our “obsessiveness” over Kerouac and The Beats. I’ve been having fun with that all week – telling people who are entering the museum what they’re in for and how we’ve been called "obsessive" – (I actually dig the article quite a bit).

This evening while I was joking and bantering with people entering the museum this one guy from Chicago told me, “Obsession creates Beauty. Anything great that has ever been created was the result of an obsession.” I asked him, “Who are you quoting? Who said that?” He said, “I did. Just now.” “I’m gonna steal it,” I said. “You’re welcome to it,” he replied.

Obsessed with The Beats. I can live with that.

Click here to read the article and see the slideshow of 12 photos:

(Help us raise our much needed $10,000,000 so we can continue expanding The Beat Museum. Make a purchase at our website today!)

Live from the corner of Sex & Money (formerly Broadway & Columbus) –

Your humble servant,

Jerry Cimino
The Beat Museum
540 Broadway (Broadway & Columbus)
San Francisco, CA 94133
415-399-9626 – museum direct

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