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PRESS RELEASE – 08/20/2010

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Miguel Valdez,
Assistant to the Executive Director

Mobile  Doctors  of  America



MMAPR is offering a colorful alternative to your medical marijuana coverage at Saturday’s Cannabis Festiva event at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.  At 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, MMAPR will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony to launch the state’s first ever medical marijuana mobile doctors service, MDARX.  Indigent patients no longer have to hold off on necessary medical evaluations simply because they are too poor or unhealthy to get to the doctor.  Through MDARX, MMAPR is providing a service where the doctors will travel to them.  

We are offering interviews with founders, patients and doctors, either before the event or at the event.  We’re happy to coordinate with you to make your coverage as seamless as possible.  

Dispensaries and regulations have been covered.  MMAPR is offering a colorful alternative that focuses the spotlight back on the patients themselves.  Voters, after all, legalized medical marijuana for patients.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch.  We look forward to working with you on this incredibly important and unique story.

DENVER, COLORADO – August 20, 2010




MMJ Patient Advocacy Group Brings Doctors to Patients


MMAPR Brings Mobile Doctors to Patients on Saturday at Cannabis Festiva



DENVER, CO, August 19, 2010 – "No patient left behind."  That’s the mantra of the Denver-based Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of the Rockies (MMAPR).


In an industry that has been dominated by attention to medical marijuana dispensaries and regulations, MMAPR is redistributing the focus back to where Colorado voters intended the focus to be placed – on patients.  


Working every day for indigent, low-income patients who may not have the resources or good health to visit a doctor, MMAPR has launched a mobile doctors service, bringing highly qualified doctors to the patients themselves.  Through the support of local dispensaries and other medical marijuana industry businesses, MMAPR is able to not only provide convenient doctor visits, but also significant savings to patients, often as much as 25 percent.


The Mobile Doctors of America bus – a converted 31-foot 1968 Airstream recreational vehicle – will be on site at the Cannabis Festiva festival this Saturday at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City to serve patients in need of evaluations.  The service is launching at the festival with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday.


The goal of MMAPR and its Mobile Doctors of America is to provide free medical evaluations to 30 indigent patients per month.  Other patients see significant savings, allowing indigent patients to receive necessary medical attention that they might otherwise not receive.


For MMAPR founder and executive director Vincent P. Palazzotto, the issue is a personal one.  He watched as his aunt who was living in federal housing suffered through reflex sympathetic dystrophy, an illness similar to multiple sclerosis.  His aunt was in pain, she was immobile – she desperately needed help.  But there seemed to be little focus on patients and their needs.  That’s when Palazzotto decided to form MMAPR.


"The patient was kind of being left out of the equation.  In fact, I saw that the patient was being squeezed," said Palazzotto, a real estate investor and entrepreneur.  "There was no room.  There were no patient stories.  There was no, ‘Why does this exist?’ So, I did my homework, researching it, seeing what people were doing … I started talking to people, and everybody that I talked to said, ‘We need advocates, we need people that can stand up for patient rights.’"


Brian Vicente, executive director of Sensible Colorado, the state’s largest drug policy think tank, applauded MMAPR for bringing patients back into the spotlight and out of the shadows.


"The needs of Colorado’s patients needs to be the No. 1 point in the discussion, that should be the absolute focus," said Vicente.  "Any program that provides care for indigent patients should be saluted."



About Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of the Rockies (MMAPR):

Founded in 2009, MMAPR is an indigent patient advocacy group with a focus on medical marijuana, founded by Vincent P. Palazzotto, serving dozens of patients across Colorado.  Medical marijuana and patient advocacy groups have recognized it as the only group in Colorado serving the needs of MMJ patients and focusing the debate where it should be – on the patients themselves.  MMAPR’s mission is to provide indigent patients with the care they need, aiming to provide free medical evaluations to 30 patients per month, as well as savings of up to 25 percent for other low-income and debilitated patients.  MMAPR thrives on the support of the medical marijuana community, bringing a grassroots campaign to the forefront of the medical marijuana industry.



WHO: Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of the Rockies (MMAPR) and Mobile Doctors of America (MDARX).

WHAT: Bringing doctors to indigent patients at Saturday’s Cannabis Festiva event.  Ribbon cutting ceremony to launch Colorado’s first MMJ mobile doctors service.


WHEN: Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 3:30 p.m.


WHERE: Cannabis Festiva

              Dick’s Sporting Goods Park

              6000 Victory Way

              Commerce City, CO 80022


MDARX Vehicle

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