Drug Policy Alliance ~ Stop The Lies On Prop 19

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Dear Wayward Bill & Others,

We need to fight back.

California’s marijuana initiative, Proposition 19, would be the biggest drug law reform in U.S. history. But it’s being threatened by opponents who are trotting out the same old drug war misinformation and scare tactics.

Tell the opponents of Proposition 19 that we won’t stand for their lies!

Prop. 19, which would make marijuana legal for adults in California, is a game changer. The special interests that benefit from the drug war know it, and are doing everything they can to scare voters away from reforming the state’s failed marijuana laws.

Here are some of the outrageous statements the other side has already made:
• "It’s going to cause crime to go up. There will be more drug babies."
• "It gives inmates in our prisons and county jails the right to both possess and smoke marijuana while incarcerated."
• "Next Health Nightmare If Marijuana Legalization Takes Place? Killer Black Mold."

And unless we call them on their ridiculous claims, they’re just going to ratchet up the rhetoric as Election Day draws near. Let’s show our opponents that the whole country is watching – and that their scare tactics aren’t fooling anybody!


Stephen Gutwillig
State Director, California
Drug Policy Alliance

About waywardbill

Chairman, United States Marijuana Party
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