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Dear William,

Recently, we had an energizing visit from Florida Representative Alan Grayson – a progressive who isn’t afraid to fight for your rights. You probably remember him best for his comment during the Health Care debate. He said, ‘The Republican plan is to die quickly’.

Representative Grayson had a fascinating conversation before our live studio audience about his political roots, how he got to Congress, our expensive wars, and the secret to his success as a Congressman. This conversation between Robert Greenwald and Representative Grayson is full of humor and down to earth honesty.

Join Brave New Conversations, and watch this episode with Alan Grayson along with the many other entertaining, inspiring episodes we have released already including: Conversations with The Yes Men, Amy Goodman, Thom Hartmann, Shepard Fairey, Billy Bragg, Henry Rollins and Moby among others!

We are thrilled to announce that instead of paying $100 for this series, we have opened up Brave New Conversations to a pay-what-you-want model! That means you simply sign up and donate whatever you would like — $1, $15, $50, even $1,000. We have extended access to everyone so you can hear about, and be inspired by, these progressive heroes. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will go directly to supporting our Conversations program and keep the other campaigns of Brave New Foundation thriving!

Click here to check out Brave New Conversations.

For your donation you can see all of the Conversations that have been taped thus far, plus all of the Conversations that we release for the next 3 years! Within a couple weeks we will release the next fantastic Conversations with comedian (and Dancing with the Stars contestant) Margaret Cho and Oliver Stone! Following that will be the 60’s activist Mark Rudd and many others. Click here and become part of the Conversation!

Thank you for supporting a strong progressive media.


Mikaela Pollock, Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Conversations team


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