Moms for Marijuana ~ Prop 19

Dear Wayward Bill & Others,

 Only 14 days left until California voters make the monumental decision whether or not to legalize Marijuana for responsible adults. This last Friday, the United States government and local California law enforcement declared that despite the outcome on Nov. 2nd, the voters do not matter and the Controlled Substance Act laws will continue to be enforced

Regardless of whether or not law enforcement decide to step outside their obligation to uphold California state law, this election is being heard far and wide. Even if the proposition does not pass this year, the hundreds of thousands of voices crying out for the end of prohibition are definitely being heard. No matter which way it goes, we are one step closer to the release of this extraordinary plant.

As Mothers, with our children in mind, we support Prop 19. We feel it is time to regulate and reduce the access our children have to this drug. (Drug dealers do not I.D.) It is time to take Marijuana off the black market and close the gateway to trying harder drugs. (Drug dealers sell more than just pot.) And it is time to recognize and discuss the numerous benefits of this plant.

If you feel the same, please make sure your voice is heard. Please join our coalition of moms in support of Proposition 19. (You don’t have to be from California, or even the United States… just a mom who believes in legalization). 

Over 130 mothers from around the nation have already signed and endorsed the letter in support of Prop 19. Add your name to the list and let the California voters know they should vote Yes on Proposition 19 on November 2nd!

Click here to sign and endorse the letter.

If you would like to take it a step further, and make your voice loud and clear, you can tell the government to do as the voters tell them to do.

You can contact the office of Attorney General Eric Holder @ 202-514-2001 or email your thoughts to – Tell them that prohibition has failed miserably and it is time for them to do something about it.

About waywardbill

Chairman, United States Marijuana Party
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1 Response to Moms for Marijuana ~ Prop 19

  1. Jessica says:

    Which one of you is going to volunteer your 18-21 year old for jail time under prop.19, when there is no jail time for 18-21 year olds NOW, under 1449?

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