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ON THE PERSONAL SIDEBob Frascino, M.D. Dr. Bob’s Take on Disclosure and Rejection
“Disclosure of any secret is seldom easy, and HIV status disclosure can be incredibly difficult, especially when dealing with a potential new trick — or treat!” writes Bob Frascino, M.D. In his latest blog entry, Dr. Bob discusses when and how to disclose your HIV status with potential partners — and how to handle rejection when it occurs.

Joseph Personal Perspective: I’m Not Gay
“I’m not gay, even though I have sex with guys. And no, I’m not in denial. There are just some things about the lifestyle that I don’t do.” In this eye-opening first-person perspective, Joseph, 23, discusses why he doesn’t self-identify as gay; his discomfort being around gay men (aside from during sex); and the challenges of navigating safer sex when barebacking appears to be the norm.
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Phill Wilson America Has Voted; Now What?
“Riding a wave of anger and anxiety, Republicans swamped Democrats in Congressional races, winning more than 60 races and retaking the House of Representatives for the first time since 2006,” writes Phill Wilson of the Black AIDS Institute. He outlines three major challenges he feels the election results present to the fight against HIV/AIDS, and what HIV/AIDS advocates need to do about it.

 Florida to Drop 350 People From AIDS Drug Assistance Program; Thousands More at Risk
The Florida Department of Health plans to drop about 350 people from its cash-starved AIDS Drug Assistance Program, The Miami Herald and The Sun-Sentinel report. Officials said that at least 2,000 more people are at risk of being bumped from the program unless the state can close a $16 million budget shortfall in the next few months.

 Stigma and Discrimination in Disney World
If Ariel from The Little Mermaid was HIV-positive, would anyone want to swim with her? Would the Seven Dwarfs turn their backs on Snow White if she disclosed that she had AIDS? Barb Cardell of The Positive Women’s Network USA ponders HIV/AIDS stigma at the magical world of Disney during her stay in Orlando, Fla., for the 2010 United States Conference on AIDS.

 Life, Liberty and a Roof Over Our Heads: Housing For People Living With HIV/AIDS
What is the relationship between access to housing and HIV/AIDS? This in-depth article from the National AIDS Housing Coalition examines the issue in various parts of the world, and asserts that “adequate housing is a human right and a necessary foundation to fulfill other rights and to enjoy a decent quality of life.”

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 Hep C Treatment May Be Safe for HIV/Hepatitis C-Coinfected People With Low CD4 Counts, Study Finds
Because hepatitis C treatment can temporarily reduce a person’s CD4 count, HIV/hepatitis C-coinfected people are generally urged to start hep C therapy only if their CD4 count is well above 200. However, recent study results suggest this logic may not be as sound as experts had long assumed, as this article from the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange explains.

 How to Work While Collecting Disability Benefits
If you’re HIV positive and collecting disability benefits in the U.S., you might be hesitant to try any type of employment — after all, there’s a risk that a paycheck could jeopardize your disability status. This article from Being Alive provides a range of tips on how to get back to (at least some) work without sacrificing your benefits.

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Join the ConversationDavid (From Sydney, Australia) on “The Big Picture: Advance and Retreat
(Comment posted Oct. 29)

“What really has made me beat my head against the wall during the past few years are the scores of people working in HIV and AIDS charities and in the media who perpetuate a myth that, because of the medications which are available, life with HIV is now hunky-dory! I have even directed such people to specific pages at The Body which demonstrate how so many people who are on HIV medications are experiencing all sorts of awful problems. But, amazingly, these people continue to insist that such problems only exist for a tiny minority, and that for most HIV+ people life with ARVs is all fine and dandy.”

Read the rest of David’s comment and join the discussion on this article!


Rubber Revolution T-shirt The Rubber Revolution Begins in Washington, D.C.
How do you change the perception of many young people who believe that using condoms just isn’t that cool? The “Rubber Revolution,” a new social marketing campaign in Washington, D.C., hopes to change the way people in the U.S.’s capital city think about safer sex. Candace Y.A. Montague reports.

Ed Perlmutter Ed Perlmutter: Some Doctors Are Just “Too Busy” to Think About HIV
“While my 23-year medical record was printed out and right there in front of him … Dr. N gave my record the most cursory of glances,” writes Ed Perlmutter. In this blog entry, Ed admits he’d been passive about getting tested, but still says it was “painfully clear that, like me, HIV [wasn’t] on his radar.”

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