Today Wayward Bill To Be Interviewed By Michael Malta, The King Of Pot On UNregular Radio

UNregular Radio
12 Novemberr 2010
5:00pm est

4:55pm:           Opening show Music  (AMBER LADD) “S.O.S”  and KOP INTRO:  (You have already)
5:01pm:              Opening Discussions and Announcements (New Website)
5:20pm:             Break to Public service Announcement (UNREGULAR RADIO) & 2 songs)
                                BEASTIE BOYS      {Sabotage}            On my Drive                 
                                DJ SLIM                {LEGALIZE}            You have
5:28 or 5:30:       Main Guest Interview with:  Waywayd Bill
MAIN GUEST:       WAYWARD BILL : (1-720-6281-2639)
Organization:       “ACTIVIST/POTSTAR”
Wayward Bill Chengelis, Chairman US Marijuana Party of Colorado, has been a political activist all his adult life.  He started out with the White Panther Party in 1969 in the campaign to free John Sinclair the then party head who received 10 years for two marijuana joints.  Through the years Wayward Bill Chengelis has been active in Yippie, the ACLU, the Democratic Party, S.A.F.E.R., Sensible Colorado, NORML, and the United States Marijuana Party.   He is 59 years old and went to Youngstown State University studying political science, constitutional law, and journalism although he never finished to receive a degree. He is also a Vietnam era war US Army Veteran.  He was honorably discharged in 1974.  
As a writer Wayward Bill Chengelis has been a stringer for Rolling Stone, Managing Editor/Writer; Amateur Brewer, and a writer for Unbroken Chain.

6:00pm:             Break to Music:  Chuck Fender ” Oh Lord Forgive them”   On Drive
                                                             Planetoid        ” Black Miasma”                  On Drive                         
6:07pm:             Traffic Report with OVATUS  


6:23pm:               Current NEWS and mixed topics     

6:44pm:                   Break to Music:  Floyd Lee Band:       “Hard Working woman”    on Drive 
6:50pm:                   I will start to close show and topics




6:56pm:               Closing Song The Melodians “Rivers of Babylon” (4.00min)     on drive
Thank you,


6:13pm:                 Break to Music:
                                 BIZ MARKIE                “Just a Friend”               on Drive
                                 Promo Spot            (UNREGULAR RADIO)   
                                 Steve Burke               “Should be Legalized”   You have          

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Chairman, United States Marijuana Party
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