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World AIDS Day 2010
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Visit’s World AIDS Day 2010 section! In this new section, which is for both HIV-positive and HIV-negative people, you will find content that inspires you to Do, Think and Learn more about the fight against HIV/AIDS. You can:

We hope our World AIDS Day section will inspire you to become an HIV/AIDS activist in your own way (if you are not one already). You can show support by simply wearing a red ribbon; volunteering at a local HIV/AIDS organization; writing a letter to your local politician; encouraging your peers to get tested; or e-mailing media outlets to demand that they report more on the epidemic in your area. Whatever you choose to do, please don’t let the flame flicker out after Dec. 1.

Featured in Our World AIDS Day 2010 Section:’s First-Ever World AIDS Day Video PSA Contest

Video asked, “If you had the chance to create your own World AIDS Day HIV awareness public service announcement (PSA), what would you say? What message would you want to get across?” We sent out a call for people to answer those questions, and you responded!

We got submissions from across (and outside of!) the U.S. and from people of all ages. Some are technically beautiful, while others have beautiful messages. We picked our favorites, and now it’s time for you to pick yours. Cast your vote now! We’ll announce the videos with the highest overall scores on World AIDS Day.

Intriguing First-Person Perspectives
First Person PerspectivesFor our World AIDS Day 2010 section, we wanted to capture the diversity of the AIDS community. So, we reached out to people across the world and asked them to guest blog. These columns are written by people who are living with HIV, have been affected by HIV, or work in the field.

Gratitude on World AIDS Day
Richard Cordova III“When I was offered the opportunity to blog about World AIDS Day, I began to think of the actual wording, ‘World AIDS Day.’ I was immediately filled with a sense of gratitude. A sense of gratitude for the medications I have, the support systems I have in place, and of course my own good health. This is not to say that people here in the United States don’t face their own set of challenges when it comes to living with HIV.” Despite stigma and a growing ADAP list in the United States, Richard Cordova III discusses being thankful for living in the U.S. while being HIV positive.

(HIV) Testing Anxiety
Kat Noel“As several questions flooded my mind, I also began to feel a sense of guilt. Here I was working among and interviewing people living with the virus, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I didn’t want to be them. Regardless of how many articles I wrote that encouraged HIV-positive people to take control of their health, I still knew that AIDS is a common killer, second only to heart disease and cancer among women.” Kat Noel, a former intern at an HIV/AIDS publication, recalls getting tested for HIV and the thoughts that went through her head while she waited for the results.

World AIDS Day Events Page
World AIDS Day EventsLooking for something to do on World AIDS Day? Don’t worry, there are plenty of events to attend. From Harlem to Honolulu to Helsinki and everywhere in between, World AIDS Day is filled with many ways to show your support, educate yourself and raise awareness. Browse our events page to find out what’s happening in your area.

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