Gary Johnson For President ~ It’s War

A war of ideas, that is.

Gary Johnson is back in the national debate, and he needs our help more than ever.

Those who fear a Johnson presidential campaign are already spreading misconceptions about the Governor and his views. We will fight back, with politeness and intellectual integrity.

I’m asking you to join me in forming a Fact Taskforce for Gary Johnson 2012.

We need grassroots Gary Johnson supporters who will dedicate themselves to helping people online better understand the Governor and his positions.

Whether that be answering questions about Gary that forum commenters might have, or correcting false statements about Gary that are made in the comments section of online news articles, we need to work together to bust myths and enlighten voters.

To make it easier, you can assign your self a specific day of the week. Every week, on the day you’ve chosen, you can spend a little time searching the Internet for the latest news articles and discussions regarding Gary Johnson, and make sure other commenters are well-informed.

If you want to be a member of this important Taskforce, please respond to this message with a day of the week (i.e. “Wednesday” etc.) and you will be given further instructions.

The job will be very simple and easy. If someone asks you a question about Gary you don’t know the answer to, just shoot me or one of our other Facebook group administrators a brief message, and we will try to find you the most accurate answer we can, as quickly as we can.

Let’s help pave the way for what will surely be a presidential campaign to remember.

If you believe in putting a libertarian in the White House, then please join the Gary Johnson 2012 Fact Taskforce.

(Note: The Fact Taskforce is a purely grassroots endeavor and is not authorized, endorsed, or coordinated by Gary Johnson or any committee affiliated with Gary Johnson.)

About waywardbill

Chairman, United States Marijuana Party
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