*URGENT, URGENT, URGENT ~ Legal Panel Discussion ~ Tonight ~ THC/DUI Bill Hearing

TONIGHT: Wed., March 9, 2011
Legal Panel Discussion

Casselman’s Bar and Venue
2620 Walnut Street
Denver, CO 80205

Time: 6:30pm

Meet with 6 different attorneys to discuss legal issues relating to medical
marijuana. Attorneys panelists include: Robert J. Corry Jr., Leonard
Friehling, Danyel Joffe, Sean T. McAllister, Craig Small, and Ann Toney.

FREE and open to the public.


THC/DUI Bill Hearing on Thursday (3/10)

House Judiciary Committee Hearing on HB 1261
DATE: Thurs., March 10, 2011
LOCATION: Hearing Room 0107, basement, state Capitol Building, 200 E.
Colfax, Denver, CO
TIME: 1:30pm

Capitol Bill Room (for last minute changes): (303) 866-3055

You listen online to the House Judiciary ommittee hearing:

HB1261 would declare that anyone found driving with 5 nanogram/milliliters
or more of THC in their bloodstream would be guilty of “DUI per se” and
subject to a misdemeanor offense and the possible revocation of their
driver’s license. Click here for more info:

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Provided as a Public Service by the:
Cannabis Therapy Institute
P.O. Box 19084, Boulder, CO 80308
Phone: 877-420-4205
Web: http://www.cannabistherapyinstitute.com
Email: info@cannabistherapyinstitute.com

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