S.A.F.E.R. Alert ~ Colorado DUID Bill


Flawed DUID Bill Could Hurt Responsible Marijuana Consumers

ACTION NEEDED: Tell Your Representative to Support an Amendment to HB-1261

The Colorado House of Representatives is taking up a bill that could result in sober marijuana consumers being criminalized for “driving under the influence.”  HB 1261 would result in anyone found to be at or above a specific limit of THC in their blood automatically being found guilty of driving under the influence — even if the person can prove they were not impaired.

CLICK HERE to call your representative today and tell them that drivers should have a chance to prove their innocence.  In particular, ask them to amend HB-1261 by changing the law from “per se” to “rebuttable presumption.”  Then CLICK HERE to find their e-mail address and send them the same message.

No one, including us, would argue that people should be allowed to drive while they are actually impaired (be it from marijuana, alcohol, prescription drugs, or even cold medicine).  But setting such a specific “per se” limit will unfairly target marijuana consumers who could have a higher level of THC in their blood without being impaired.
and ask that they amend HB-1261 so that a THC level can only be used as a presumption of being impaired, not as a “per se” limit.

Please call your representative today

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