Denver 420 Rally Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                       Contact:  Miguel Lopez, 720-338-8766



Denver 420 Rally, April 20, 2011:  No Colors, No Violence

Civic Center Park

9 AM until 6 PM


420 is almost here!  The Denver 420 Rally, the world’s first permitted and world’s largest 420 rally and protest is being held at Civic Center Park from 9 AM until 6 PM.  The theme of this year’s rally is No Colors No Violence.  This is an educational gathering that brings together the diverse members of the marijuana community to peacefully protest drug prohibition.  The rally is an energetic gathering for the community to share knowledge and celebrate the culture of the marijuana movement.  Known for its lineup of expert and passionate speakers, musical artists, fashion shows, and Native American celebration, Denver 420 Rally has become a historical rally and protest that draws over 50,000 people annually.  Make the Denver 420 Rally more historical and join the rally to make that number 100,000!


This year Richard Eastman from San Francisco returns to speak at the rally and we are welcoming for the time John Pylka from Washington, D.C. making this the first time that we have speakers representing both coasts of the United States.  Also new this year will be a wedding ceremony performed one of the sides of the main stage.


Visiting Guest Speakers’ Bios:


John Pylka – John has been a leader in cannabis legalization movement for over 25 years.  Since 1983, he has been the event coordinator of the longest running annual drug policy reform rally in the world, the DC Smoke-In, which has been held every of July 4th on the east side of the Lincoln Memorial since 1970.   He is the founder of the Fourth of July Hemp Coalition, which is the non-profit committee that oversees the DC Smoke-In.  John has also played a role in the legalization of medical marijuana in Washington, DC since 1998.  Initially passed in 1998 and then blocked by congress, medical marijuana was finally passed in 2010 and is undergoing a regulatory process.  John was named Freedom Fighter of the Month in High Times magazine in 1994.


Richard Eastman – Medical marijuana literally saved Richard’s life.  He was wasting away and dying from AIDS when he discovered that marijuana allowed him the ability to combat nausea and keep food and medicine down that were necessary for him to live.   Since then he has been a passionate advocate for medical marijuana and a key player in the medical marijuana scene in Hollywood and Los Angeles, CA.  He has traveled the Nation advocating for medical marijuana, including Washington, D.C. where he advocated on behalf of the United States Medical Marijuana Rally shortly before the Ogden Memo announced that prosecuting legal unambiguous use of medical marijuana would not be a priority for federal funds.  Richard first came on the scene in Denver at the Democratic National Convention and has been back to help advocate medical marijuana here in Denver.


About the Founder and Director:


Miguel Lopez grew up as a disadvantaged youth and learned how to survive on the streets.  It was there that he discovered the inequalities suffered by all marginalized members of society.  As a Chicano and a descendent of the Crusade for Justice Chicano civil rights movement, Miguel grew up knowing the importance of fighting for justice and equality and that civil rights meant equality of all Americans. 

He did not grow up a member for the privileged class and make the choice to fight for civil rights to lessen the government’s presence in citizen’s lives.  He chose civil rights as his platform because he grew up marginalized and knew what it was like to have to go without and struggle to survive.  For him, civil rights allows him to fight for human rights and to free those who are oppressed, who are profiled for the color of their skin, who are judged by who they choose as life partners, who are exploited,  who are  poor, and other marginalized members of society.   Miguel is keenly aware that the victims of the Drug War are predominately members of ethnic minority communities and is committed to fighting for the re-legalization of marijuana, the end of unfair policies such racial profiling, and the creation of more logical drug policies.


Denver 420 Rally Schedule of Events


9:00 – 11:45 AM DJ X

11:45 – 11:55 AM               Announcement of the winners of the March 24th fundraiser @ Casselmans

Noon – 1:00 PM                 Cultural Band: Mute Man Microphone

1:00 – 1:30 PM                    Hemp & Body Paint Fashion Show by Artis of Certified Customs & JJ’PS

1:30 – 1:40 PM                    Cultural Music & Announcement of the winners of the March                                                                                   24th fundraiser @Casslemans

1:40 – 2:40 PM                    Native Benediction

2:40 – 2:50 PM                    Cultural Music & Announcement of the winners of the March                                                                                   24th fundraiser @ Casslemans

2:50 – 3:05 PM                    Invocation: William Chengelis Chairman, US Marijuana Party  of Colorado, Richard J.Rawlings, Chairman, US Marijuana Party

3:05 – 3:20 PM                    Cultural Music Performance By: 2012

3:20 – 3:35 PM                    Hemp Can Save The World Platform:  Cap’n Cannabis, Dr. Bob Melmeade, and John Pylka                                                                                                                           

3:35 – 4:20 PM                 Keynote Addresses:  Miguel Lopez, Denver 420 Rally , Rob Corry Jr., Esq.,   Tae Darnell, Esq., & Tiny Martinez, Denver Global Marijuana March, Legalize 2012

4:20 – 4:35 PM                    Community Cultural Music Celebration: Performance by Hypnautic

4:35 – 4:55 PM                 Acknowledgements, Awards, & Dedication: TBA

4:55 – 5:05 PM                    Cultural Music

5:05 – 5:25 PM                    Closing Speech: Richard Eastman

5:25 – 6:00 PM                    Cultural Band Music: Mute Man Microphone



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