Drug Policy Alliance ~ Action Alert

Dear Waywward Bill & Others,

Last month, the DEA raided at least 28 medical marijuana dispensaries
in Montana and California.

These raids – and many before them – break President Obama’s promise
that he would not use “justice department resources to circumvent state
laws” on medical marijuana.

Their changes in rhetoric aren’t enough. It’s time to end the war on drugs
and legalize marijuana. Show your support by signing our petition
demanding No More Drug War!

Click here to sign the petition:


The war on drugs isn’t over – in fact, it hasn’t skipped a beat. Every year,
the federal government still spends billions of dollars to arrest, prosecute
and lock up people for nonviolent drug offenses. But that can change.

Momentum is growing to end the irresponsible policies that treat
responsible citizens as criminals. Public opinion increasingly favors
legalization. States are questioning whether money for arrests and
incarceration might be better spent on education or infrastructure or even
on putting the money back in taxpayers’ pockets. Now it’s up to us to
make sure Congress is asking those same questions.

Over the next few months, as we approach the 40th Anniversary of the war
on drugs, DPA will build a critical mass of support through local events in
communities across the country, release a hard-hitting report detailing an
exit strategy, and work with the media and high-profile leaders to embolden
them to speak out against the war on drugs.

We need your help to show there is widespread support for ending the drug
war. Sign our petition to send a clear message: No More Drug War!

Click here to sign the petition:



Ethan Nadelmann
Executive Director
Drug Policy Alliance

(layout and graphics by Wayward Bill)

About waywardbill

Chairman, United States Marijuana Party
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1 Response to Drug Policy Alliance ~ Action Alert

  1. James Bryant says:

    Congress already knows. They are very, very well educated about Cannabis. But, they are not being lobbied to keep it illegal by little old ladies in church groups. Big Pharmacology, Textile, Alcohol, Tobacco and other groups are paying our leaders to keep it illegal. It has never been a matter of right or wrong. So, right and wrong will never get the law changed. Congress is nothing more than a group of people that take care of those that pay their bribes faithfully, much like the mafia. And, like the mafia, they can collectively deny the bulk of their crimes because the guilty disappear into a crowd of like minds that protect each other. Trust me. They know the law is wrong. They are very aware of our founders’ beliefs and what they envisioned for this nation’s future…warnings and all. They are also aware that they are lying, cheating and stealing. They know they are crooks. It is the fault of the citizens for cooperating with such tyranny. Peaceful non-cooperation is the route we need to take. Sow your seeds everywhere. Be a bigger pain in the ass than ever. Become pranksters. Bring back “Johnny Pot Seed!” Pass the word…throw your seeds in the dirt. Overgrow them. Hang banners from overpasses. Paint over billboards. Protest in the real world. The law may never change…but, heads can start hanging out again and stirring things up. So, turn your computer off, get up and do something about it! Collectively or secretly, just start being a pain the ass…Pass it along.

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