Keef Cola And Suite 420 Team Up For A Homerun Of A Colorado Rockies Game Day Deal For Colorado Medical Marijuana Red Card Holders

Hey Now Colorado Medic Red Card Holders who are Colorado Rockies Fans,
Keef Cola and Suite 420 (formerly Apothecary of Colorado) have teamed up to bring a ballpark deal to Colorado Red Card Holders.
On Colorado Rockie home game days Suite 420 offers a “FREE” Keef Cola with every purchase. They are located just blocks from Coors Field. So sojourn on in and quench your medical need before the game.
(Collin of Keef Cola)
(Keef Cola, available medicated and non medicated)
Suite 420 has been undergoing changes lately. Not only do they have premier strains of cannabis, tinctures, kiefs, hashes, pre rolled cones, and medibles, they now are developing into a community center where people can come and get together. Plus they are offering a venue for people’s talent in the way of art, photography, clothing, etc. Also if you are a Veteran be sure to show your VA Medical Card or DD214 for deep discounting of your meds. Be Sure to stop by and check them out.
1730 Blake St., Suite 420
(in Centura Health Building)
Denver, CO 80202 • 303.296.5566

Suite 42o also has new dispensing hours, expanded for your convenience:
8a – 7p Monday through Friday
10a – 4p for Funder Dome Sunday, a gathering of like and nonlike minds to discuss all things medical cannabis, join them and become one in the community and expand your horizons at the same time. Also open for business.
I shop Suite 420 because their strains are the best, properly cured, and always fresh. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The medible selection is awesome. The atmosphere is me. It’s a break from your work-a-day let’s sign them up Medical Marijuana Center.
When it comes to Keef Cola, they are my favorite way to safely medicate. I love their rootbeer best, but the Strawberry Power shot rules.
Peace, Pot, Politics,
Wayward Bill

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