In Colorado, Many Claim, Yet Few Actually Represent The Interests Of Patients‏

In Colorado, many claim, yet few actually represent the interests of the patients. The CANNABIS THERAPY INSTITUTE is by patients, for patients. is an available resource to keep you updated on the ever-changing Rocky Mountain Legal Climate of Drug Policy. Or visit to help bring real legalization to our state. Don’t be impressed by sad imitators trying to regulate marijuana like alcohol, and provide a tax base and jobs for the DOR Department of Revenue and law enforcement.

REAL Patients have been actively BOYCOTTING the MMJ REGISTRY “red card” program and Dispensary Model since July 1, 2011, the day the Confidentiality and Privacy of your MMJ Activities became eroded to an available federal database available to Social Security Administration, Veteran’s Administration, Health
and Human Services, IRS, DEA, and other agencies with the click of a mouse button.

BOYCOTT a MMJ System in Colorado which does not want you to grow your own, but be forced to go to State-sanctioned dispensaries where you can easily get SUBSTANDARD MMJ for $25. An 1/8oz., Plus Tax, or $45.-65. & UP, PLUS TAX, 1/8’s of premium MMJ, which are sure to leave your Finances Waning and The Patient left wanting more….for Relief! These Dispensaries have already made MILLIONS of DOLLARS in profuts and have NOT been good neighbors in our communities! Indigent Patients statewide SUFFER more now than ever before. While the indigent poor are sometimes left with ‘Half Off’ coupons for MMJ at half off, as an indigency program, even fewer have the financial resources to participate. Amendment 20 was passed by our voters in 2000 with COMPASSION in
Mind. Free Red Cards and over-priced Dispensary Medicine is NOT HEALING OUR NATION, SORRY.

Organizations have left the indigent OUT of the Equation, yet ask businesses to pay upwards of $25,000.00 or more yearly to represent their interests with government and the legislature. WHO among them represents US? Yep, you answered correctly if you said none of them.

Embrace your Colorado Constitutional Rights as a patient under Article 18 Sec. 14, where you can rely on your affirmative defense with “A” doctor’s signature, and no reference to registering with the State of Colorado! Embrace your statewide COMMUNITY to be part of and develop Legal Patient Collectives, as has been identified through the private social networking efforts of THE COLLECTIVE ADVANTAGE ( ). Join Today for FREE. A wide range of Collective development services are available, so YOU can build your own community. STAY LEGAL! STAY PROTECTED! KEEP REASONABLE ACCESS! And, most importantly, Keep the Government OUT of your medicine cabinet.
Which choice is best for your interests….& why?

(layout and graphic by Wayward Bill)

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Chairman, United States Marijuana Party
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