Where’s Wayward

Wayward Bill is lost.

This summer during my trip to the 42ND Annual Smoke-In in Washington, DC my current stepfather passed while en route. Then while I was at Portland Hempstalk the stepfather who adopted me and gave me his last names also died.

About a week after Hempstalk I came to the realization that I am now the patriarch of my family. I have been in a tailspin since.

I am not a shining star in my family. They are in Ohio. Me, Colorado. We work on the out of sight, out of mind concept as a family unit. Like I said I am not on their honor roll.

I love my family. I love myself. We don’t see I eye to eye.

I am at a crossroads. I have no true legacy. I have no wealth. My entire life has been an embarrassment to the people whom I share the bond of blood with. To other’s (non-family) I am a pot star.

Is this how I want to be remembered?

I can’t seem to come to grips with who I really am and the thing called family loyalty.

So I am abandoning FB until I can find my way back home. Social Networking is not the place for family matters. I am not abandoning my activism or my duties to the US Marijuana Party.

I can be reached @ waywardwon@hotmail.com, Subject: Where’s Wayward or 720.628.2639 (8a-5p MST).

Peace, Pot, Politics,
Wayward Bill


About waywardbill

Chairman, United States Marijuana Party
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2 Responses to Where’s Wayward

  1. Verna Rose says:

    going to miss you on face book..

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