A New Way and A New Day To Social Network!

Hey Now Kidz,

This is the new/old way that I am going to keep connected with you at FaceBook, MySpace, Hi5, LinkedIn,  and all the other social networks my blog is connected to.
I am giving up the likes, the comments, and the diatribal crap that is FaceBook.  I am offering you more than 420 keystrokes.



Graphics is just one of the features that I will be using to highlight the messages.

Links are another, here’s one from today that you’ll find interesting and infomative:
You, Me, Us, Them! When will the infighting end.
You, Me, Us, Them!  Remember when we were all friends
You, Me, Us, Them. It’s cannabis legalization, why pretend.


MSN Spaces forced it’s users to either come here or lose their blogs last December. I lost a link farm of over 1500 of my peers through the years in the transfer.  Hopefully as I gain control of this space I’ll be able to restore Deadheads United™  to it previous glory.

Things are happening, good things!


About waywardbill

Chairman, United States Marijuana Party
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