Colorado MMj Paitients Needed for Driving Study

Local Television Station Seeking Medical Marijuana Users for Story on

Driving Under the Influence of THC

FOX 31 Denver is looking for volunteers for a story that would show drivers
on a simulator both under the influence of medical marijuana and sober.
We’re looking to shoot our segment on either Thursday April 19th or Friday
April 20th. We can provide transportation to make sure anyone being tested
is safe to get back and forth. Please email: if you
are interested in helping out or have any questions.

Mark Meredith
KDVR FOX 31 Denver
Cell: (303) 870-7526

DICLAIMER: FOX31 asked CTI to forward the above message to our list to help
get volunteers. CTI is not directly involved in this, nor do we endorse the
story (we actually have no idea exactly what they are doing.) MMJ patients
should always use caution when dealing with the media. Contact Mark
Meredith of KDVR with further questions. Do not contact CTI.

Provided as a Public Service by the:
Cannabis Therapy Institute

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Chairman, United States Marijuana Party
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