Wayward Bill’s Denver 4/20 Rally Speech 2012

Hey Now Kidz,

Captain Cannabis was late to this year’s Denver 4/20 Rally so alas no YouTube of me speaking.  For those who were not fortunate enough to attend this year’s phun with a phattie Denver’s cannabis celebration here’s my oral contribution to the protest.

Happy 4/20 Kidz!

Welcome to this year’s Denver 4/20 Rally whose theme is, “Decision 2012!”

Now take a moment fire up a joint or fill your favorite cannabis delivery system and have a toke or two while I lay down the word.  Those words are about cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, and cannabis ruderalis and then some.

The Declaration of the Plant

WEED THE PEOPLE (can I get a right on for Weed the People) of the United Snakes of Amerika in order to roll a more perfect spliff, say we are FREE (can I get an amen on the word free) from the laws of our nation that say that we may not smoke, eat, or imbibe the fruits or better yet the buds of our labor, in which we inhale or digest the liberty provided and pass it to our brethren on our left until we are all intoxicated by our own PATRIOTISM (can I get a hallelujah for patriotism). We hereby ordane and condone this Declaration of the Plant.


Now blaze up another or repack that pipe cuz here’s the,

Constitution of the Plant

We declare that our rights as Amerikans and basic human beings be evaluated. We hold these truths of LIBERTY, EQUALITY, AND GENERAL LOVE (can I get an amen for liberty, equality, and general love) to a greater height so we make achieve a greater unity. We believe that the oppression against our cannabis citizenery for reasons we do not know, must come to an END (can I get an amen for the word end) if we are to “come together right now” (sung like Beatle’s tune, Come Together) as one nation under God and his plant to UNITE (can I get a hallelujah for unite) for the common joy of a good puff, puff, pass and become a great collective of a free people against a COMMON ENEMY (can you boo the common enemy), the established authority.  And who is that common enemy, THE ONE PERCENTERS!

We shall OVERGROW (can I can an amen for overgrow) the oppressive rules of our government so as to gain our cannabis . UNITE (can I get a right on for being united), come forth under one banner and throw off and end the joke of authority. No more oppression and no more hate. Only peace, joy, and cannabis.

Colorado Amendment 64, Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol is not of what I have just spoken to you. It’s not even close!

I was one of the first activists in Colorado to realize the future truth about Amendment 64 at the Rocky Mountain Marijuana Summit 2 years ago when after hearing the Colorado Coalition to End Cannabis Prohibition consisting of the Drug Policy Alliance, S.A.F.E.R, Sensible Colorado, Marijuana Policy Project, NORML, and Students for Sane Drug Policy announce that it would take BIG OUT OF STATE MONEY (1%ers) to create, present, and ballot the unyet written  Amendment 64. I jumped up, screamed, “FUCK YOU GUYS!” and left the conference room.

I now commonly refer to the coaltion members of the as the Dog Poop Alliance, SNAKER, Nonsenical Colorado, More Pudding Please, SNORML (like Rip Van Winkle they been asleep for 40 years), and Students Spending Daddy’s Pile.

The hate and threatening phone calls started coming in at believe it or not 4:20 the next morning. Just like union busters some of the people who are around and support the coalition are petty thugs. Thuggery is just one of the reasons to VOTE NO ON COLORADO AMENDMENT 64.

So moving right along kidz, during the next two days here at the Denver 4/20 Rally you will be presented with the evidence of who, what, and why to VOTE NO ON AMENDMENT 64 not being for the betterment of Colorado’s cannabis reform.

Speeches by Miguel Lopez will cover why Amendment 64 is racist and exclusionary to the poor.

You will hear of the infamous 1% Koch Brothers’ involvement with Amendment 64 along with George Sorsos and Monsanto fingerprints on this monstrosity of legislation.

Rico Calibri will enlighten you with one of two options to Amendment 64. Initiative 70, the Equalize Cannabis Act. You heard the other option presented earlier by Michelle LeMay. Initiative 40, The Relief For Possession of Cannabis Act of 2012. It is my bill also.

You will meet Richard Eastman, one of the Founding Fathers of Medical Marijuana.

Included in the mix is Kim Quiggle who will talk about the “Get The Greed Out Of The Weed Tour 2012 You will also hear from many more cannabis activists all with the same message, VOTE NO ON COLORADO AMENDMENT 64.

As we count down to 4:20 on 4/20 I ask that over the next two days you, LISTEN, LEARN, AND ENGAGE. Then in November you can vote with an informed mind and pure heart for the cannabis bill of your choice. Also feel free to engage any of the Denver 4/20 Rally speakers. It’s why we invited you here. We are here to teach and learn from each other.

Remember come election night November 2012,



Peace, Pot, Politics,

Wayward Bill

Chairman, US Marijuana Party


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Chairman, United States Marijuana Party
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3 Responses to Wayward Bill’s Denver 4/20 Rally Speech 2012

  1. Breezy Kiefair says:

    really wayward? I’m the only one paying attention and you still snub me? wow was I right about you “captain cannabis”

    • waywardbill says:

      Bree, Captain Cannabis is Kyle Marsh from Colorado Springs. He has been videotaping the 420 Rally all the way back to 2007. I am not Captain Cannabis. Wayward BillAlvin RichardHayward BillChinkWilliam Alvin Richard Chengelis I am! Depends on the locale and circumstances. I answer to all those names which at one time or another have been attached to me.

      • Breezy Kiefair says:

        my point remains…. i’m paying attention….. you snub me repeatedly and wonder why I have an attitude towards you… i’ve fed you when no one cared you were hungry and far from home. I’ve showed up at events when there were few cannabis people to be had even bothered to care about…. I’ve also watched you online and off (sometimes you didn’t even know I was there) and you are generally concerned with only one thing… The spotlight and how you can look good in it. I’m not dumb bill… I remember how you treated me when I started getting into the colorado mmj political scene… You sent me messages telling me how I had too many mutual friends with you and you thought I was stalking your friends list…. My attitude towards you took a long time to form… I have always hoped you would prove me wrong. I don’t think that is ever going to happen though.

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