Beat News That You Can Use!

Beat News You Can Use!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

1). Please Support The Counter-Culture by Making a Purchase
2). The New York Times Honors The Beat Museum in a Big Way
3). Movie Review – OTR – US Version coming in December/January

So, now that the vast majority of Americans have been able to avoid getting into a tussle with other BLACK FRIDAY shoppers and winding up in jail over a fight for a WalMart flat screen TV or a Victoria’s Secret brassiere, we’re inviting you to do business on Small Business Saturday and beyond with your favorite local mom & pop – The Beat Museum in North Beach!

We’ve got stuff you won’t find anywhere else – posters of Jack & Neal, T-Shirts of William S. Burroughs, rare documentaries about Ginsy. The choice is yours – you can’t spend ALL your money with the big box retailers who force their employees to work on Thanksgiving Day whether they want to or not. And, you aren’t forced to shop online with faceless websites who may be able to sell you stuff cheap but only see you as a number in a database. Instead you can CHOOSE to do your part to SUPPORT THE COUNTER-CULTURE you love by shopping at Remember – Amazon doesn’t have a Beat Museum. Walmart isn’t displaying the’49 Hudson from the “On The Road” movie that you can come see next time you’re in SF. Think long term by doing a little of your Holiday Shopping with us and help us preserve the Spirit of The Beats.

WE CAN USE YOUR HELP. No one comes to North Beach for Holiday Shopping. Everyone is at the malls or the big box destination stores. December is actually one of our slowest months of the year so you, our core constituency, can help us immensely by making a purchase – either online or by coming to visit us. There are THREE ways to participate:

A). Local to San Francisco:
We’ve played this game with our local friends before at Holiday time and it’s a lot of fun. You simply browse our Gift Shop and select all your items and then when you bring your goodies to the cash register simply say, “Pssst… Jack sent me…” in a low conspiratorial tone and we’ll know you want to play our Discount Game. Then we’ll whip out the hidden tokens and you select one that offers discounts of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and even 30% off of everything you buy! The only stipulations are the discount doesn’t apply to a few select items that are on consignment – and once you’ve committed to make the purchases you can’t put anything back if you only get 5% or 10% off – (the same way we won’t put anything back if you get lucky and pick the 30% off token.) Come in and play – it’s fun!

B). Orders Across The United States:
Purchase $25 or more by December 16th and we’ll ship your stuff for FREE anywhere in the US. (Please note – our automated system will still add shipping costs but we’ll strip them out manually when we run the charge through.)

Click here to buy stuff:
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C). International Orders:
Sorry, we can’t offer free shipping outside the US – it’s just too expensive. But we WILL send you FREE stuff – worth about 10% of what you ordered. We’ll do our best to match it to what we think you’ll like based upon what you ordered. Try it- it’ll be fun – like a Christmas Stocking full of Beat Goodies.

Click here to buy stuff:

KIDS! Give mom & dad your shopping list of goodies from The Beat Museum website. Parents LOVE to buy their kids books and other literary stuff. It makes them believe they’re raising you right.

For a small little outfit we get more than our fair share of press. Creative people dig The Beats, journalists especially. But some press has a bigger impact than other press and this is one of those times. A few weeks ago The New York Times ran a full page article about us that was featured in a special 32 page Sunday section where we were rubbing elbows with the likes of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Smithsonian Institution, The Museum of Modern Art, The Brooklyn Museum, The National Gallery of Art and many, many other very high profile institutions. It was simultaneously very humbling and very exhilarating. It’s also brought us a lot of inquiries from around the world and there are a few very special possibilities starting to germinate as a result. A very exciting time. Click below to see just how important this article is to the future of The Beat Museum.

NY Times Recognizes Beat Museum as an Up and Comer!

I thought Walter Salles and his team did a terrific job of translating Jack Kerouac’s novel onto the silver screen. In a review I wrote back in May, 2012 I gave the movie very high marks. Not all professional movie critics who saw the film at The Cannes Film Festival agreed with me. The general criticisms seemed to be the movie was too long and it wandered. I never believed a true Kerouac fan would see either of those things as a problem but the film makers took the criticism to heart and the US version (which will premier in both New York & LA on December 21st and with general release in the rest of the US in January) comes in about fifteen minutes shorter and jumps into the action much faster. And that has apparently satisfied a lot of the critics – the reviews of the shorter version are much better by comparison. Take a look at my second review, below:

On The Road Movie Review – US version

Thanks for supporting The Beat Museum with your visits and your donations (records, artifacts, books, etc). And thanks for making your purchases with us when you can – at the Holidays and at other times of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend and Happy Holidays!

Jerry Cimino
The Beat Museum
540 Broadway (at Columbus)
San Francisco, CA 94133
415-399-9626 – museum direct

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