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Legalize dope in Europe – End Opium Production in Afghanistan- Everybody Happy ~ From the pen of my friend Marc Furstenberg!

M arc Furstenberg I’m reading a very old biography of Pepys (Lucas-Dumbreton circa 1925) that I found on the street and there is a passing reference to someone named Harrington, a coffee house philosopher, who had some crackpot idea for … Continue reading

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Your Chance to Fire Watch on Desolation Peak ~ Dharma Bums: A Jack and Allen Fantasy Come True…!!!

BEAT NEWS YOU CAN USE! 1). Your Chance to Fire Watch on Desolation Peak 2). Neal Cassady’s Denver – Photos Now on Facebook 3). Here’s What People Are Saying About Us on Yelp! 4). Allen Ginsberg Reads Howl at Reed … Continue reading

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Buffy Saint Marie ~ Revisited ~Sundae Phunny, hmmm, Maybe…

Hey Now Everyone,   I religiously follow my statistics.   They let me know what people are interested in.   They also help me to review, update, and edit old blogs.   Had someone take an interest in Buffy Saint … Continue reading

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Hump Day/Dis & DAT

Hey Now, I created a new module today dealing with American marijuana policy.  Be sure to check it out if you are, aren’t, curious, or just smart enough to know that enough is enough.  Free Choice!    Are You smarter … Continue reading

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Hump Day…..

"Happy Hanukkah!"   "A Sixties Story"   I grew up in a multitheological neighboorhood of Youngstown, Ohio. The North Side! I was raised Catholic and I was thrown in with Hebrews, Islamists, Baptists, Lutherans, Methodist, and a myriad of other religions.  None … Continue reading

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Smoke On The Water….

I was 18 years old in 1969 and full of enthusiasm from the Alantic City and Woodstock Music Festivals. Several of us decided it was time for the ultimate road trip to sunny California. We had two friends that were … Continue reading

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The Last Hippie Standing ~ Epilogue

In my last excerpt of The Last Hippie Standing I hypothesized that The Last Hippie Standing would be the last person who had experienced LSD from 1960 through 1985 and that the drug had, had a profound effect on their … Continue reading

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