45th Annual Smoke-In July 4, 2015 Washington, CO

Marijuana Activist Call To Action

45th Anniversary Smoke-In

Saturday July 4th, 2015, Washington DC

“Smoke-in Alumni Reunite!”


“This demonstration, held on the day that commemorates 45 consecutive years of Smoke-In history in Washington DC, is an opportune moment to acknowledge the era of change created by Marijuana Activists across these United States of America.”


Smoke-In Alumni Call To Action

We are asking all Smoke-In Alumni to return to to Washington DC on Saturday July 4th, 2015 for the 45th Anniversary Smoke-In and join our demonstration at our Rally, the “Peace Mile March” and Concert in the contingent of the year they attended their first Smoke-In. This will be the best time during this current presidential administration to let your voice be heard in front of the White House and to be acknowledged as an American Veteran Marijuana Activist, and POW of THC!


During the 45 year history the Smoke-In, marijuana policy has changed from an Idea that’s time had not yet come into a movement of social change we are currently experiencing today. Undoubtedly, the Smoke-In has now literally touched millions of people’s lives. Created by the Hippies of Woodstock and Dana Beal and the Yippies! in 1970. This demonstration was born out of our nation’s right to free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and freedom of expression. This annual demonstration truly embodies a magic born of our freedoms, and we often hear the same story from different people. “ I came to Washington DC for the Smoke-In and it changed my life.”

If you have never been to the Smoke-In, We want YOU to see and feel what it is to embrace our culture and heritage. We want the young people to feel our energy and know where it is we are coming from.


So, Pack your bags now! It’s V Day to acknowledge all the Veteran Marijuana Activists and POW’s of THC! The people who gave of their positive energy and sacrifice to bring about a peaceful change in our communities over time.


Please support the Fourth Of July Hemp Coalition, sponsors of this demonstration, and visit some of our additional information on the pages of our website www.smoke-in.us on logistics, travel, regulations, activities and donations and becoming a volunteer for the buildup of this great day.


See Ya’ on the fourth of July!

John Pylka

Event Coordinator 45th Anniversary Smoke-In


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CDPHE Meeting on Retail Marijuana Surveillance – Thurs. (8/14)

CDPHE Meeting on Retail Marijuana Surveillance - Thurs. (8/14)

Patients and Press not Invited

{Denver} -- The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
(CDPHE) will be holding an all-day meeting on Thursday, Aug. 14, concerning
their expanding roles in "retail marijuana surveillance" and other areas.
The CDPHE had previously only regulated medical marijuana. Their new roles
in retail marijuana involve at least 6 different departments within the
CDPHE. (See page 10 of "Marijuana and CDPHE" presentation below.)

The meeting will be held at the Courtyard Marriott in Denver, but there
will also be a live webinar available (See below for details.)

According to the CDPHE, "no media" will be allowed to attend the meeting,
and the agenda shows that "no patients" have been invited to share their
views in any manner, even though the subject matter directly concerns them.

The Cannabis Press Association (CPA), working with the Patient and
Caregivers Rights Litigation Project (PCRLP), discovered the meeting, after
several patients received an email invitation asking them to register for
the meeting, which was apparently sent accidentally by the CDPHE to the
wrong email distribution list.

In the email, Elyse Contreras, Programs Coordinator for the Retail
Marijuana Program & Medical Marijuana Research Grant Program at the CDPHE,
stated that the purpose of the Aug. 14 meeting is "to update our local
partners on latest information regarding marijuana surveillance, prevention
efforts, medical research, lab regulations, infused product safety and

Contreras' invitation stated that "no media" would be allowed to attend. 

When the CDPHE discovered they had sent the email invitation to patients in
error, they immediately removed the online registration form from their

The Cannabis Press Association filed a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA)
request last week, asking for the location and webinar login information
for the meeting, as well as a request for the list of invitees to the

The CDPHE ignored the CORA requests. However, CPA was able to obtain the
information from reliable sources. (See below.)

Many topics will be covered at the all-day meeting. A primary focus will be
how the CDPHE will be performing "surveillance" on pregnant women to
determine whether cannabis used during pregnancy is harmful to children.

According to a "Marijuana and Pregnancy" presentation on the CDPHE website,
one of the new CDPHE programs includes "Birth Registry Surveillance", which
is defined as "surveillance to determine if marijuana could be a factor in
the development of adverse birth outcomes" and includes a "thorough review
of maternal medical records" (See page 9 of "Marijuana and Pregnancy"
presentation below.)

Kathleen Chippi of the Patient and Caregiver Rights Litigation Project sees
this as another attack on patients. "This secret meeting is just another
attack on medical marijuana patients. They want to screen all birth mothers
for cannabis? The CDPHE doesn't test new moms for GMOs, pesticides,
fracking fluids, caffeine, sugar, or pharmaceutical chemicals, so why focus
on THC, which has been used safely by humans for over 10,000 years?
Cannabis was actually prescribed commonly to ease pregnancy and the
birthing process before it was made illegal in 1937. Natural cannabinoids
(endocannabinoids) are actually abundant in all breast milk and research
has shown that they are essential to a newborn's development."

See: Cannabinoids, like those found in marijuana, occur naturally in human
breast milk


Click here for agenda for the Aug. 14, 2014 CDPHE/DOR meeting:

Courtyard Marriott Cherry Creek
Skyline Ballroom
1475 South Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80222
Workshop begins at 8:30 am

NOTE: The CDPHE claims that this is not a public meeting, but have refused
to provide a list of the official invitees. If you want to attend in
person, it is recommended to arrive early to try to cajole a seat out of
your public officials.

From: "Contreras - CDPHE, Elyse" <elyse.contreras@state.co.us>
Date: August 13, 2014 10:51:24 AM MDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: 8/14 Marijuana Webinar Details
Marijuana Workshop for State and Local Public Health

Follow the directions below to join the webinar beginning at 8:30 am
Thursday, August 14th. This is an all day work shop, the agenda is

This meeting is intended to allow local public health agency
representatives the opportunity to learn more abut marijuana regulation in
Colorado. No public comment or questions will be taken as the meeting is
not considered an open meeting as defined in the Colorado Open Meetings
Law, Section 24-6-401 et seq. Questions on the topics discussed can be
sent to medical.marijuana@state.co.us.

To join the meeting:
If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before:

Test your connection:

Get a quick overview: http://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect.html
Elyse Contreras
Programs Coordinator
Retail Marijuana Program & Medical Marijuana Research Grant Program
P 303.692.6455 | F 303.782.0904
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, Denver, CO 80246

"Marijuana and CDPHE" presentation

"Marijuana and Pregnancy" presentation

NOTE: This information was obtained as a public service by volunteers
working with the Cannabis Press Association (CPA), working with the Patient
and Caregivers Rights Litigation Project (PCRLP). Please be generous and
make a donation today.


For immediate release: Aug. 13, 2014

Cannabis Press Association

Patient and Caregiver Rights Litigation Project

Provided as a Public Service by the:
Cannabis Press Association
"Fighting over 77 years of lies and mis-information
with over 10,000 years of history and fact."
Web: http://www.cannabispressassociation.com/
Email: info@cannabispressassociation.com

Graphic added by Wayward Bill
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Beat News You Could Use…

Beat News You Can Use!

1). Gary Snyder on Jack Kerouac
2). The New North Beach Public Library
3). Discussing The Beats on The Radio
4). Sunset Magazine's Video of North Beach
5). Terminally Illin' - The Cancer Comic Book
6). Groupon Offer for The Beat Museum Walking Tour

Gary Snyder celebrated a birthday last week. During the course of offering congratulations we came upon this magnificent five minute video of Gary discussing his friendship & relationship with Jack Kerouac. Many Beat fans maintain an image in their minds of Japhy Ryder & Ray Smith as great lifelong friends who were often together and maintained close contact their entire lives - so Gary's initial words may come as a shocker to some: 

"I only knew Jack personally in an intimate way for those few months from the fall of '55 up to about May of '56 when I set sail for Japan. I never saw him again." 

There are other great juicy insights in this 5 minute video. Our thanks to the Ginsberg Blog:

Last weekend we witnessed the dedication of the new North Beach Public Library. The previous North Beach branch closed two months ago and we were thrilled to get a phone call from Branch Manager Robert Carlson offering us three phenomenal oversize photographs of Jack Kerouac that had hung in the library for years. The photos are terrific because they show Jack working with a scroll type document (it's actually The Dharma Bums) at his home in Florida and in the photos he's wearing some of the exact same clothing we have on display on the second floor at The Museum.

Click here to watch us walk the photos through North Beach streets to their new home at The Beat Museum:

Click here to see photos of the New NB Public Library dedication including the new bust of Lawrence Ferlinghetti:

Editor & Publisher Brenda Knight (Women of The Beat Generation), Editor & Author Alan Kaufman (The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, Jew Boy, Drunken Angel) and me were all on the Halli Casser Jayne Radio Show in an hour long segment discussing The Beats. We covered topics such as the history and impact of The Beats, the influence of women, mothers & the Holocaust on The Beats. There's a few minutes of distraction at the beginning (voices, dogs) but that ends after the first three minutes. A good segment and a pleasure to work with both Brenda & Alan.

Click here to listen - about 1 hour total:

Sunset Magazine has a print circulation of a million and a half subscribers. They approached us a few months ago about what we liked about North Beach and of course we gave a nod to City Lights, Vesuvio & Caffe Trieste along with other neighborhood hot spots. Apparently you need to be a subscriber to access the article online but they also posted a 90 second long video featuring the Beat Generation in North Beach.

Click here to see City Lights, Vesuvio, Caffe Trieste & The Beat Museum:

After years in the works The Cancer Comic Book is ready to go to press. You may recall our friends Jon Solo and Kaylin Andres started this project a few years ago as a visualization for Kaylin using her body's immune system to fight cancer. Controversial to be sure, and some suggested a comic book about cancer should be out of bounds, but Kaylin & Jon pressed on, landed a spot on MTV and have recently completed their 92 page comic book. They're half way to their goal of getting it printed with only a few days to go. Please make a donation to help put them over the top.

Indiegogo Fundraister. Donate NOW if you can, please!

Kaylin's MTV promo:

Just in time for Summer you can book a deal with Groupon where you get a Beat Museum tour of North Beach, plus entrance to The Beat Museum and a free poster - all for $25! What's not to like?!?

Wow. Such a deal! I'm coming to North Beach.

It's 90 degrees in San Francisco this week, folks!

Hope your world is toasty.

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Moms for Marijuana News ~ Looks like the feud is over!

Dear Wayward Bill,

★ Happy Mother’s Day from Moms for Marijuana!! ★

May your day be filled with peace, hope & love! 

We are excited to announce that we have a new Mom for Moms for Marijuana, just in time for Mother’s Day!

We are so honored to have Cheryl Shuman take such an instrumental role in the advancement of Moms for Marijuana, and the Marijuana Moms Movement! Cheryl will take on the role of Executive Director, bringing her 25 years skills of public relations, media, product branding, and business development to the blossoming non-profit organization.

Joining her mother, Aimee Shuman will contribute her own astounding work in the Marijuana Moms Movement, through her position as Deputy Director.

Cheryl and Aimee have accomplished so much extraordinary progress in Cannabis reform, world wide, reaching millions of parents through the utilization of mainstream media. It was an easy decision. Everything we have ever seen them do has been historic and monumental in Cannabis reform.

Together, they will lead the Executive Direction of Moms for Marijuana into the future.

Learn more here – http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/05/prweb11839577.htm

And through my personal blog – http://thecannabiscommunity.blogspot.com/2014/05/moms-for-marijuana-next-step.html

Through out the years, we have found that our networking sites are the most productive method of raising awareness. We have quite the discussions! Technology has allowed for our message of the need for Cannabis awareness, education & discussion to travel further than anyone ever thought possible.

Our social networking sites are becoming more popular every day…

Our Facebook page has over 225,000 “likes!” We have over 20,000  followers on Twitter.

We are finalizing our bylaws, our Board of Directors, and what we are lovingly calling the “Mom Squad” to help us move forward as a 501 non profit organization!

Volunteers are forming their own positions within several departments, including communication, research, writing, events, and more! If you are interested in being a part of the formation of Moms for Marijuana, get in touch with us by emailing your interest and experience to mom@momsformarijuana.org and we can help determine where you will fit best!

I am always excited to see all the hard work being put in by so many great people and love to watch the laws in this country change right before my eyes.

I thrilled to be watching Moms for Marijuana blossom around me.

We will be opening up for official membership in the near future. We are also working on guidelines for new “official” chapter affiliates, as well as unveiling a new website. This journey has brought many great things and I have crossed paths with so many inspirational people. It is exciting to see what our new direction brings!

We have a lot of events planned, and be sure to keep a look out for more newsletters and updates in the coming months!

And as always, we appreciate your suggestions & feedback!

Just send an email to mom@momsformarijuana.org!

Have a beautiful Mother’s Day!!

Much love & respect always,

Serra Frank

Founding Director

Moms for Marijuana International



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The Last Free Joint Giveaway and No On Proposition AA Election Night Party


This will be a close election, so make sure you vote. Don’t leave it to
someone else to decide – VOTE NO ON OUTRAGEOUS TAXES!!!! This year’s
election is a mail-in ballot. It is NOT TOO LATE to register to vote, but
it IS TOO LATE your ballot it. Drop your ballot off on Tuesday, Nov. 5, by
7:00pm at your local county election division. You can also visit your
county election division to register to vote on Nov. 5.



“No on Prop. AA” Election Day Party
Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013
7:00pm to 11:30pm

Casselman’s Bar and Venue
2620 Walnut Street
Denver, Colorado

Music provided by:
Juba Juba (Grateful Dead tribute band)

1BluntRadio (Radical MJ DJ music)

– Join the “No on Prop. AA” campaign as we watch election returns at
– Experience 1BluntRadio’s exclusive 36 foot VIP Lounge
– Speakers include cannabis activists Robert J. Corry, Jr., Miguel Lopez
and Larisa Bolivar
– Enjoy music, food, beverages and friendship
– If you can’t come, check out the LIVE BROADCAST
– The cost is FREE, but donations are greatly encouraged to help defray
campaign costs.
– VENDORS: Email info@colorado420.com for vending opportunities at this

For more information, see the:
No on Prop. AA Campaign

Provided as a Public Service by the:
Colorado 420 Coalition

Layout and added graphics by Wayward Bill

Vote No On Proposition AA is US Marijuana Party sponsored.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Layout and added graphics by Wayward Bill

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Legalize dope in Europe – End Opium Production in Afghanistan- Everybody Happy ~ From the pen of my friend Marc Furstenberg!

M arc Furstenberg

I’m reading a very old biography of Pepys
(Lucas-Dumbreton circa 1925) that I found on the
street and there is a passing reference to someone
named Harrington, a coffee house philosopher, who had
some crackpot idea for colonizing Jews in Ireland. I
thought of all of the forgotten crackpot ideas, all of
which retained some few proponents down through the
centuries. The author of this biography thought the
idea (whatever it was) had some good points. Of
course once in a while a real crackpot idea escapes
into the real world and suddenly become flesh and
turns out either not so bad or a very good idea

I thought I would devolve myself of my own crackpot idea for
ending the heroin scourge AND finance the Afghani
government AND make millions of Europeans deliriously
happy. As you might remember Afghanistan made some of
the finest hash in the world and I’m sure that it’s
basis must be fine marijuana. Of course there is the
money being made with opium which is just as illegal
as hash but far more profitable, transportable and
marketable. Yet I believe that given the choice the
Afghani farmer would rather honorably grow hash than
have to associate with the class of drug dealers
common in the opium business. Also there is the blow-back effect. Their children and a lot of other Afghanis too are becoming addicted to opiates. If the governments of
the European Union were to legalize hash and marijuana
and contract directly with the Afghan government to
purchase the same and the Afghan government would
likewise guarantee to purchase the annual crop at a
decent price then everybody (except the American
religious assholes who basically think that getting
high, like every other secular activity, is immoral
and therefore forbidden to the extent that they expect
the state to enforce their morality.) rather than
worrying about the effect of a flood of pot and hash
might have on Europe, think of what the absence of Afghani
heroin would have on the world as well as the removal of this
ultimately destabilizing factor in Afghani society.
Hash is now de facto decriminalized in Europe. The only time I have been stopped at a european border in the past ten years was at the Slovakian-Polish border when I was asked if I had any alcohol. The thing to do is to make hash and grass de jure legal and make it an important export crop for Afghanistan. Lets just stop the cynical hypocrisy once and for all and deal with the main problem clear minded. Then when that’s done kick back and do a nice relaxing bowl.
Well that’s my crackpot idea.


Marc Furstenberg

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Beat News That You Can Use!

Beat News You Can Use!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

1). Please Support The Counter-Culture by Making a Purchase
2). The New York Times Honors The Beat Museum in a Big Way
3). Movie Review – OTR – US Version coming in December/January

So, now that the vast majority of Americans have been able to avoid getting into a tussle with other BLACK FRIDAY shoppers and winding up in jail over a fight for a WalMart flat screen TV or a Victoria’s Secret brassiere, we’re inviting you to do business on Small Business Saturday and beyond with your favorite local mom & pop – The Beat Museum in North Beach!

We’ve got stuff you won’t find anywhere else – posters of Jack & Neal, T-Shirts of William S. Burroughs, rare documentaries about Ginsy. The choice is yours – you can’t spend ALL your money with the big box retailers who force their employees to work on Thanksgiving Day whether they want to or not. And, you aren’t forced to shop online with faceless websites who may be able to sell you stuff cheap but only see you as a number in a database. Instead you can CHOOSE to do your part to SUPPORT THE COUNTER-CULTURE you love by shopping at Kerouac.com. Remember – Amazon doesn’t have a Beat Museum. Walmart isn’t displaying the’49 Hudson from the “On The Road” movie that you can come see next time you’re in SF. Think long term by doing a little of your Holiday Shopping with us and help us preserve the Spirit of The Beats.

WE CAN USE YOUR HELP. No one comes to North Beach for Holiday Shopping. Everyone is at the malls or the big box destination stores. December is actually one of our slowest months of the year so you, our core constituency, can help us immensely by making a purchase – either online or by coming to visit us. There are THREE ways to participate:

A). Local to San Francisco:
We’ve played this game with our local friends before at Holiday time and it’s a lot of fun. You simply browse our Gift Shop and select all your items and then when you bring your goodies to the cash register simply say, “Pssst… Jack sent me…” in a low conspiratorial tone and we’ll know you want to play our Discount Game. Then we’ll whip out the hidden tokens and you select one that offers discounts of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and even 30% off of everything you buy! The only stipulations are the discount doesn’t apply to a few select items that are on consignment – and once you’ve committed to make the purchases you can’t put anything back if you only get 5% or 10% off – (the same way we won’t put anything back if you get lucky and pick the 30% off token.) Come in and play – it’s fun!

B). Orders Across The United States:
Purchase $25 or more by December 16th and we’ll ship your stuff for FREE anywhere in the US. (Please note – our automated system will still add shipping costs but we’ll strip them out manually when we run the charge through.)

Click here to buy stuff:
<?dada redirect url=homepage.htm” ?>” ?>” ?>

C). International Orders:
Sorry, we can’t offer free shipping outside the US – it’s just too expensive. But we WILL send you FREE stuff – worth about 10% of what you ordered. We’ll do our best to match it to what we think you’ll like based upon what you ordered. Try it- it’ll be fun – like a Christmas Stocking full of Beat Goodies.

Click here to buy stuff:

KIDS! Give mom & dad your shopping list of goodies from The Beat Museum website. Parents LOVE to buy their kids books and other literary stuff. It makes them believe they’re raising you right.

For a small little outfit we get more than our fair share of press. Creative people dig The Beats, journalists especially. But some press has a bigger impact than other press and this is one of those times. A few weeks ago The New York Times ran a full page article about us that was featured in a special 32 page Sunday section where we were rubbing elbows with the likes of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Smithsonian Institution, The Museum of Modern Art, The Brooklyn Museum, The National Gallery of Art and many, many other very high profile institutions. It was simultaneously very humbling and very exhilarating. It’s also brought us a lot of inquiries from around the world and there are a few very special possibilities starting to germinate as a result. A very exciting time. Click below to see just how important this article is to the future of The Beat Museum.

NY Times Recognizes Beat Museum as an Up and Comer!

I thought Walter Salles and his team did a terrific job of translating Jack Kerouac’s novel onto the silver screen. In a review I wrote back in May, 2012 I gave the movie very high marks. Not all professional movie critics who saw the film at The Cannes Film Festival agreed with me. The general criticisms seemed to be the movie was too long and it wandered. I never believed a true Kerouac fan would see either of those things as a problem but the film makers took the criticism to heart and the US version (which will premier in both New York & LA on December 21st and with general release in the rest of the US in January) comes in about fifteen minutes shorter and jumps into the action much faster. And that has apparently satisfied a lot of the critics – the reviews of the shorter version are much better by comparison. Take a look at my second review, below:

On The Road Movie Review – US version

Thanks for supporting The Beat Museum with your visits and your donations (records, artifacts, books, etc). And thanks for making your purchases with us when you can – at the Holidays and at other times of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend and Happy Holidays!

Jerry Cimino
The Beat Museum
540 Broadway (at Columbus)
San Francisco, CA 94133
415-399-9626 – museum direct

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