43rd Annual Smoke-In



June 8, 2012

For Immediate Release
Contact: John Pylka


On Wednesday July 4th The Fourth Of July Hemp Coalition will present a “FREE” medical marijuana rights concert on the National Mall at the Henry Bacon Ball Field (23rd & Constitution Avenue NW), Washington DC. featuring supporting artists: Unfortunate Sons, Thomas Wynn & the Believers, THE I-TERNALS and Bat, This free concert and the U.S. Marijuana Party Convention will take place during the early afternoon and evening and  will conclude with the National Park Service fireworks display at 9:00pm.


Join Medical Marijuana Pioneer Dennis Peron,  along with Cannabis Activists Richard Eastman, John Pylka, Miguel Lopez, Julia Rose and Wayward Bill as we rally at Lafayette Square, 12pm ~ 3pm to educate our elected officials and voters, march and demonstrate for our first amendment rights, and the right to choose the medicine we put into our bodies, marijuana. For more information visit smoke-in.org

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Wayward Bill

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Chairman, United States Marijuana Party
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